In June the Cloud Native Computing Foundation released its chart of the top open source projects with the highest developer velocity, and we're proud to be included – in good company!

Measuring commits, authors, issues and merge or pull requests, the chart places GitLab in the top right quadrant with eight others including Kubernetes and Elasticsearch.

CNCF highest velocity open source projects chart

Open Source at Heart

While 'open core' might be a more accurate description of GitLab, as we ship both an open source version and closed source version, we adopt an open source approach to both, with a publicly viewable issue tracker and license that allows modifications once you purchase a license.

We already know that there are good reasons why you should choose to work with open source projects, and we're grateful to our over 1700 contributors who have helped to shape GitLab – not just the product, but the company too. I work in the Marketing team and am always surprised and pleased when a member of our community pops up in an issue in the Marketing project to offer some input or share an idea. It's a great reminder that everyone can contribute, and those contributions go far beyond development.

So, thank you!

Keep Those Contributions Coming

If you're new to GitLab, this will help, otherwise, as always, feel free to open or comment on an issue. See all the ways you can contribute here.

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