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Mar 23, 2021

How you contribute to GitLab's open DevOps platform

Today we're celebrating you! These are just some of the many examples of how you make GitLab's open DevOps platform better by innovating together. 阅读更多


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How GitLab helped Kali Linux attract a growing number of community contributions

Ben Wilson, Nuritzi Sanchez, Wayne Haber
Feb 18, 2021

Since moving to GitLab in 2019, Kali Linux has gone from company-only contributions to a growing number of community contributions.

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Inside the collaboration between GitLab and The Last Mile

Christina Hupy
Nov 13, 2020

GitLab teamed up with The Last Mile to bring open source DevOps and tech mentorship to incarcerated populations across the United States.

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How open source contributions accelerate GitLab Secure

Oct 22, 2020

Community contributions and an open integration framework allows anyone to extend GitLab Secure

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GNOME: two years after the move to GitLab

Nuritzi Sanchez, Sri Ramkirshna, and Carlos Soriano
Sep 8, 2020

Extensive CI/CD adoption and easier contributions are just a couple of the benefits of #movingtogitlab for GNOME.

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Why the KDE community is #movingtogitlab

Jun 29, 2020

Open source software community giant KDE finished phase one of their migration to GitLab and has joined our GitLab open source program. Check out what's next for KDE and GitLab.

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Celebrating 3,000 wider community contributors

Jun 23, 2020

We've reached an important contributor milestone and added two new members to the Core Team.

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How an analytics software startup took aim at COVID-19

May 15, 2020

Illumina Consulting Group didn’t just sit idle during the pandemic. Here’s how they developed a COVID-19 assessment and analysis tool.

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How can we help solve the COBOL programmer shortage?

Apr 23, 2020

A shortage of COBOL programmers is causing delays in processing unemployment claims and small business loans. We’re hoping our community can help.

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Our ultimate guide to Git

Apr 20, 2020

Open source pioneer Git is 15 years old. Here is our guide to making the most of it.

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15 Git tips to improve your workflow

Apr 7, 2020

Learn how to compare commits, delete stale branches, and write aliases to save you some time. It's time to dust off your command line and Git busy!

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Git Merge 2020: a celebration of Git

Mar 25, 2020

A look at Git Merge 2020 and a look forward to the next decade of remote, async, and powerful source code management.

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From monolith to microservices: How to leverage AWS with GitLab

Mar 24, 2020

GitLab recently spent time with Ask Media Group and AWS to discuss how modernizing from self-hosted to a cloud native system empowers developers.

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How Git Partial Clone lets you fetch only the large file you need

Mar 13, 2020

Work faster with this experimental Partial Clone feature for huge Git repositories, saving you time, bandwidth, and storage, one large file at a time.

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The problem with Git flow

Mar 5, 2020

Learn why Git flow complicates the lifecycle and discover an alternative to streamline development.

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Schooled in GitLab: Teaching our handbook at a South Korean university

Jan 29, 2020

Students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies tackled our handbook. The students' favorite topics were compensation and remote work.

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