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Azure DevOps
Decision Kit
Decision Kit

Version Control and Collaboration

Version Control Overview

Azure DevOps offers two methods of version control as part of their SCM functionality for both the SaaS and on-premie versions:

  • Git (distributed) - each developer has a copy on their dev machine of the source repository including all branch and history information.

  • Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)), a centralized, client-server system - developers have only one version of each file on their dev machines. Historical data is maintained only on the server.

Microsoft recommends customers use Git for version control unless there is a specific need for centralized version control features: See here. This is noteworthy given that in June of 2018 Microsoft purchased GitHub, the Internets largest online code repository.

GitLab does not provide support for Team Foundation Version Control, however, this is not a highly desired version control method.

How do we compare:

  GitLab Azure DevOps
Unlimited private Git repo hosting Yes Yes
Diff in-line threaded code reviews Yes Yes
Branch policies defining merge Yes Yes
Pull requests Yes Yes
Semantic code search Yes Yes
Webhooks and REST APIs Yes Yes

Collaboration Overview

Azure DevOps provides persona-centric dashboards and views that resonate with customers, allowing them to reach not only the developers but the mindshare of executive leadership and therefore, sell higher in the enterprise.

GitLab has some built-in graphs and dashboards, but nothing as extensive as the Azure DevOps offering, and not targeted at higher roles in the enterprise.

How do we compare:

  GitLab Azure DevOps
Work/issue tracking Yes Yes
Backlogs Yes Yes
Team dashboards No Yes
Custom reporting No Yes
Kanban boards Yes Yes
Scrum boards and sprint planning Yes Yes
Customizable work item workflows Yes Yes
Test & Feedback (exploratory/manual testing) - capture & record issues No Yes
Test planning, tracking & execution No Yes
Load testing (Azure DevOps and VSTS only) No Yes
User acceptance testing Yes Yes
Centralized reporting Yes Yes