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Jira Service Desk
Decision Kit
Decision Kit

Jira Service Desk is software built for both internal and external support. Employees and customers can submit help requests to support teams through a customer portal, via email, or through an embedded widget on your site. Support agents can then work on these requests, tracked as issues in a queue.

Feature Comparison

Project Financial Management

Tracking, managing and reporting on the budget and actual costs of the project. Able to allocate costs to OPex or CAPex depending on specific organization reporting rules. Time tracking information used to determine labor cost allocations. Specific features would include: budget, spend, time tracking, resource cost, Capex/Opex.

Issue Board Types

Issue boards/dashboards reflect an organizations flow for processing work items. These boards can reflect individualized workflow or follow established patterns. Issue board types with established patterns (such as Scrum and Kanban) can make setup of new boards easier.

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极狐GitLab 提供时间线跟踪功能,您的团队可以在议题和合并请求上添加时间预估,并记录真实花费的时间。

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Advanced Time Tracking

Able to capture individual time reporting for specific assigned tasks and then to allocate labor costs to the appropriate project. Specific features would include: estimate, actual, cost, reporting.



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Learn more about Roadmaps

Risk/Issue Management

Able to define and manage project RISK and ISSUE status and workflow to identify, track, mitigate and resolve potential risks and active issues facing the project. Risk/Issue status and resolution managed through online workfow that tracks assignment and actions to address the specific item. Specific features would include: workflow, risk severity, risk priority, Assigning Risk/Issue for action, Risk/Issue status.

DevOps Pipeline

Able to establish visibility into the end to end DevOps pipeline so the entire team is aware of pipeline status and can contribute to overall success. Specific features would include: visibility into status of pipeline

Portfolio Planning

Establishing strategic priorities and direction in order to govern the allocation of corporate resources to support specific business/IT initiatives. Strategic planning evaluates in-flight projects and proposed future initiatives to shape and govern the ongoing investment in projects and discretionary work. Able to model and optimize different portfolio investment scenarios to determine the ideal funding combinations to meet strategic priorities. Specific features would include: Proposals, epics, backlog, strategic alignment, estimation, prioritization, what-if, monte-carlo simulation, optimization.

Portfolio Status Management

Tracks and reports on the overall status and health (scope, schedule, budget) of projects and programs within the portfolio to enable executives to support project execution. Specific features would include: forecasting, status tracking, release planning, roadmap, milestones, project/program hierarchy.


Able to support the time-boxed (sprint) approach of the Agile -Scrum software delivery. Specific features would include: Issues, scrum boards, burndown charts, burn up.


Able to support the flow based approach of Agile - Kanban software delivery. Specific features would include: Issues, Kanban boards, burn up, cumulative flow diagram.

SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) - Essential SAFe

Able to support the key principles and practices of the Essential SAFe configuration., Agile Release Train, (a combined CD pipeline where multiple projects align to release), Planning Increment (PI) Planning (cadence driven project planning/ vision)

SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) - Lean Portfolio Management

Provides support for the key elements of Lean Portfolio Management. Specific features would include: Release Train, Lean Portfolio Management.

Financial Management

Tracking, managing and reporting on the budget and actual spend of projects and programs within specific portfolios. Able to allocate costs to OPex or CAPex depending on specific organization reporting rules. Time tracking information used to determine labor cost allocations. Specific features would include: budget, spend, time, resource cost.

Resource/Team Management

Tracks and manages the availability of team members by skill, experience, location, and cost, so they can support both planned and unplanned work. Specific features would include: individual capacity, individual skills, individual assignments, labor cost.

Work Planning/Management

Able to define, schedule and assign specific tasks to team members and manage the sequence and interdependency of tasks with each other. This form of structured planning is needed when tasks are clearly defined and sequence of execution is critical. Specific features would include: WBS, Gantt Chart, Task Assignment, Scheduling, task sequence, task relationships.


建立产品愿景和策略来组织、管理和塑造多专业能力的团队构建特定的业务服务。产品路线图基于特定的业务意向和目标,管理高层次的需求、确定功能的优先级、分配相关资源、跟踪进度并度量与业务战略相关的业务成果。产品路线图具体的功能包括:产品战略、想法汇集、需求管理、资源管理、反馈收集、里程碑跟踪、发布管理、工作流管理、功能和偏离跟踪、路线图分析、集中式便签,报告获取和导入、API 和 SDK、冲突管理和自定义告警。



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CI/CD 流水线的需求满足验证

这个强大的特性使用了极狐GitLab 的单一应用程序模型,支持在 CI/CD 流水 线中运行测试来验证您的需求满足情况。它将自动完成能够识别需求满足的繁琐任务,使您的组织可以更专注于交付价值。

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需求可以被导出成 CSV 文件来更好的与外部群组和组织协作。这允许团队使用单一接口来开发与测试需求。

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在极狐GitLab 中创建测试用例

在极狐GitLab 中创建和查看测试用例,该工程支持贡献者之间无缝协作。

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Service Desk

Allow external users to create issues in your GitLab instance without an account and without access to anything except their issue. Manage tickets from the GitLab interface.

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