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Micro Focus ALM Octane
Decision Kit
Decision Kit


Micro Focus, which purchased the software business unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has ALM Octane, that has both on-premise technologies and SaaS-based offerings. ALM Octane is a web-based application lifecycle management platform that enables teams to collaborate easily, manage the product delivery pipeline, and visualize the impact of changes.

GitLab enables portfolio planning and management through epics, groups (programs) and milestones to organize and track progress. Regardless of your methodology from Waterfall to DevOps, GitLab’s simple and flexible approach to planning meets the needs of small teams to large enterprises. GitLab helps teams organize, plan, align and track project work to ensure teams are working on the right things at the right time and maintain end to end visibility and traceability of issues throughout the delivery lifecycle from idea to production.


ALM Octane doesn’t include built-in CI/CD, SCM and IDE, therefore integrations with third-party tools are required for the complete software development lifecycle. In contrast, GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. From project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security.


  • From IT Central Station ALM Octane customer: “When I manage projects that are being created in ALM, I have a standard template, but I don’t have a template for them in Octane. I literally have to create the project from the ground up every time, which for an administrator, is a nightmare solution”. In contrast, Gitlab allows creating projects from template, more details.

  • From IT Central Station ALM Octane customer: “The Requirements Module could be better, to build up a better requirements process. There’s a huge improvement from ALM.NET to Octane, but it’s still not really facilitating all the needs of the product owners, to set up their requirements in Octane”.

  • From TechValid ALM Octane Senior consulted: “The Jenkins dashboard (pipeline overview) is amazing. I have shown customers who have a strong anti-HPE bias and they were blown away by that feature alone”.


Feature Comparison


Quickly set the status, assignee or milestone for multiple issues at the same time or easily filter them on any properties. See milestones and issues across projects.

Learn more about the Issue Tracker

Description Templates

By adding a description template to your issues or merge requests, users who create a new issue or merge request can select a template to help them to communicate effectively.

Learn more about GitLab Description Templates

File Attachments

Upload file attachments (including images) to issues, merge requests, and epics, to communicate ideas beyond text.

Learn more about File Attachments


Labels provide an easy way to categorize issues, merge requests, or epics based on descriptive titles as ‘bug’, or ‘documentation’.

Learn more about GitLab Labels


极狐GitLab 支持您通过设置议题的权重来围绕敏捷实践管理议题。

Read our Issue Weights documentation


Create and manage milestones at both the project and group levels, viewing all the issues for the milestone you’re currently working on, representing an Agile program increment or a release.

Learn more about Milestones


极狐GitLab 提供群组层面迭代的创建和管理能力,它支持您查看群组或项目在当前迭代中正在进行的所有议题,并确保群组下所有的子群组和项目以同样的节奏保持同步。

Learn more about Iterations

Issue Due Dates

In GitLab, you can set a due date for individual issues. This is very convenient if you have small tasks with a specific deadline.

Due dates documentation


Assign a user to an issue or a merge request, indicating responsibility for it.



基于极狐GitLab 中提供的里程碑和迭代燃起图,您可以更好地了解在迭代冲刺阶段或新版本软件进行时的范围变化。

Read our Burnup Charts documentation


极狐GitLab 提供的燃尽图是里程碑和迭代的一部分,它支持让用户在迭代冲刺阶段或新版本软件进行时更好地跟踪进度。

Read our Burndown Charts Documentation

Drag and Drop Tasks

Drag and drop tasks in a task list.

See the GitLab issue to implement this

Issue Board Label Lists

An Issue Board is based on its project’s label structure, therefore, it applies the same descriptive labels to indicate placement on the board. GitLab issues can appear on multiple issues and they still have meaning without the context of a particular board.

Learn more about labels and Issue Boards



Learn more about configurable Issue Boards

DevOps Pipeline

Able to establish visibility into the end to end DevOps pipeline so the entire team is aware of pipeline status and can contribute to overall success. Specific features would include: visibility into status of pipeline


Able to support the time-boxed (sprint) approach of the Agile -Scrum software delivery. Specific features would include: Issues, scrum boards, burndown charts, burn up.


Able to support the flow based approach of Agile - Kanban software delivery. Specific features would include: Issues, Kanban boards, burn up, cumulative flow diagram.



See direction page for details

CI/CD 流水线的需求满足验证

这个强大的特性使用了极狐GitLab 的单一应用程序模型,支持在 CI/CD 流水 线中运行测试来验证您的需求满足情况。它将自动完成能够识别需求满足的繁琐任务,使您的组织可以更专注于交付价值。

See direction page for details


需求可以被导出成 CSV 文件来更好的与外部群组和组织协作。这允许团队使用单一接口来开发与测试需求。

See direction page for details



See direction page for details

在极狐GitLab 中创建测试用例

在极狐GitLab 中创建和查看测试用例,该工程支持贡献者之间无缝协作。

See direction page for details

Service Desk

Allow external users to create issues in your GitLab instance without an account and without access to anything except their issue. Manage tickets from the GitLab interface.

Learn more about Service Desk

Service Desk Custom Branding

Allow customization of incoming issues and response emails, including the service desk user name to allow for a cohesive branding experience for your customers.

Learn more about Service Desk customization



Learn more about Portfolio Management

项目级 Wiki 文档

极狐GitLab 中的每个项目都内置了 Wiki 独立文档系统,每个 Wiki 是一个单独的 Git 代码仓库。

Learn more about GitLab Wikis


通过设计管理,用户可以将设计资产(例如线框图和原型图)上传到极狐GitLab 议题中,并将它们存储在同一个位置。产品设计师、产品经理和工程师可以以一种无缝的方式就设计提案进行协作。这些设计资产可以轻松上传并进行版本化的存储,您可以通过单击确切路径上的图片来启动希望重点讨论的主题。


极狐GitLab-Figma 插件

我们的 Figma 插件允许您将 Figma 中的框架和组件上传到极狐GitLab 议题中。


AD / LDAP integration

Sync groups, manage SSH-keys, manage permissions, authentication and more. You can manage an entire GitLab instance through the LDAP / AD integration.

More information about AD / LDAP integration

Mattermost integration

Mattermost can be automatically installed and integrated using GitLab Omnibus

Read the documentation on Mattermost integration