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Decision Kit


Redmine is a free and open source, web-based project management and issue tracking tool. It allows users to manage multiple projects and associated sub-projects. It features per project wikis and forums, time tracking, and flexible, role-based access control. It includes a calendar and Gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines. Redmine integrates with various version control systems and includes a repository browser and diff viewer.

Redmine is written using the Ruby on Rails framework. It is cross-platform and cross-database and supports 34 languages.


  • From a user on Quora > it’s flexible, highly customizable, (you can choose between various templates, plugins, etc.) It’s open source and free to use. [and] the user interface doesn’t overwhelm you. > > Since it’s highly customizable you really have to dig yourself into it at first in order to create a great experience for your team members and colleagues / clients



  • $0 - Redmine is free and open source
  • However, TCO can be high, as Redmine is similar to Jenkins, with lots of desired functionality available through plugins (944 as of 2018-10-17), some of which are maintained, and some of which are not.
  • There are also companies which sell plug-in sets, for example to add Agile functionality (eg. RedmineUP Agile Plugin). Prices vary.
Feature Comparison

Description Templates

By adding a description template to your issues or merge requests, users who create a new issue or merge request can select a template to help them to communicate effectively.

Learn more about GitLab Description Templates

GitLab Flavored Markdown

GitLab uses ‘GitLab Flavored Markdown’ (GFM). It extends the standard Markdown in a few significant ways to add some useful functionality.

Learn more about GitLab Flavored Markdown


极狐GitLab 支持您通过设置议题的权重来围绕敏捷实践管理议题。

Read our Issue Weights documentation

Issue Due Dates

In GitLab, you can set a due date for individual issues. This is very convenient if you have small tasks with a specific deadline.

Due dates documentation


极狐GitLab 提供了为单个议题一次分配多个指派人的能力。

Read our Multiple Assignees Documentation

Lock Discussion

Lock down continued discussion in an issue or merge request as a Master role or higher, to prevent further abuse, spam, or unproductive collaboration.

Lock Discussion

Confidential Issues

Keep your information secure with Confidential Issues. With GitLab, you can create confidential issues visible only for project members with Reporter access level or above.

Learn more about Confidential Issues


极狐GitLab 支持将议题显式的标注为已阻塞和受阻中,并跟踪其状态。为便于识别,被阻塞的议题在议题卡视图中可见。

Learn more about Issue Depdendencies

Related Issues

Mark issues as related to one another.

Learn more about Related Issues

Move Issue to Another Project

You can move issues between projects in GitLab. All links, history and comments will be copied and the original issue will reference the newly moved issue. This makes working with multiple issue trackers much easier.

Learn more about moving issues between projects

Mark Issue as Duplicate

Mark an issue as a duplicate of another issue, closing it.

Learn more about marking duplicate issues

New Issue via Email

Create an issue from email by sending in the issue title and description.

Create issue from email

Export Issues CSV file

Issues can be exported as CSV from GitLab and are sent to your default notification email as an attachment.

Learn more about exporting issues CSV


基于极狐GitLab 中提供的里程碑和迭代燃起图,您可以更好地了解在迭代冲刺阶段或新版本软件进行时的范围变化。

Read our Burnup Charts documentation


极狐GitLab 提供的燃尽图是里程碑和迭代的一部分,它支持让用户在迭代冲刺阶段或新版本软件进行时更好地跟踪进度。

Read our Burndown Charts Documentation

Quick Actions

GitLab provides a convenient way to change metadata of an issue or merge request without leaving the comment field with quick actions.

Documentation about quick actions

Custom Notifications

Be notified by email, Slack, or to-do items anytime there are changes to an issue or merge request.

Learn more about Custom Notifications

Drag and Drop Tasks

Drag and drop tasks in a task list.

See the GitLab issue to implement this


大型公司通常有数百个不同的项目,所有这些项目同一时间有着不同的进展。极狐GitLab 支持单个项目使用多个议题看板,因此您可以计划、组织可视化产品或功能发布的工作流程。多项目议题看板特别适用于拥有多个团队的大型项目,或者在使用单一存储库托管多个产品代码的场景。

Multiple Project Issue Boards

Issue Board Label Lists

An Issue Board is based on its project’s label structure, therefore, it applies the same descriptive labels to indicate placement on the board. GitLab issues can appear on multiple issues and they still have meaning without the context of a particular board.

Learn more about labels and Issue Boards



Documentation about Issue Board Assignee Lists



Learn more about configurable Issue Boards

Issue Board Focus Mode

Get more information at a time with the Issue Board focus mode, which removes all unnecessary elements from the screen to show your Issue Boards.

Learn more about Issue Board focus mode

New Issue in Issue Board List

With GitLab Issue Boards, you can create issues directly from the board and assign multiple labels allowing them to appear on multiple boards.

Learn how to create a new issue from the Issue Board

Issue Board Types

Issue boards/dashboards reflect an organizations flow for processing work items. These boards can reflect individualized workflow or follow established patterns. Issue board types with established patterns (such as Scrum and Kanban) can make setup of new boards easier.

See issue for details

Issue Board Configuration with Advanced Logic

Define what issues show in an issue board using advanced Boolean logic.

See epic for details


极狐GitLab 提供时间线跟踪功能,您的团队可以在议题和合并请求上添加时间预估,并记录真实花费的时间。

Learn more about Time Tracking


Able to support the flow based approach of Agile - Kanban software delivery. Specific features would include: Issues, Kanban boards, burn up, cumulative flow diagram.

Create new branches from issues

In GitLab, you can quickly create a new branch from an issue on the issue tracker. It will include the issue number and title automatically, making it easy to track which branch belongs to which issue.

See how in our documentation

SUPPORT file link

Link from new issues to a SUPPORT file, pointing to support resources.

See the GitLab issue to implement this

Create, search and view issues from chat

Quickly create, view and search for issues straight from chat.

Read the documentation on Slash commands

Automatically close issue(s) when a merge request is merged

With GitLab, you can use specific keywords to close one or more issues as soon as a merge request is merged.

Learn more about automatically closing issues

Configurable issue closing pattern

Define your own specific keywords to close one or more issues as soon as a merge request is merged.

Learn more about automatically closing issues


在创建新项目时,您可以选择从一个预定义的模板启动项目,该模板已经有一些工作示例代码和预配置的 CI。此外,您也可以通过分配一个群组来预置自定义项目模板。当创建新项目时,该群组的子项目均可以使用这些模板。

Read more about Project templates

User status message

Define and show your personal status message via an Emoji and text message, exposed on your profile page and on any comment and author line.

Learn more about Status messages