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Decision Kit
Decision Kit


Synopsys owns a portfolio of several scanning tools, including Coverity (SAST), Black Duck (SCA), Seeker (IAST), Defensics (Fuzzing), and recently acquired Tinfoil (DAST).

  • BlackDuck does Software Composition Analysis (SCA) including dependency scanning, container scanning, and license management.

  • Coverity for SAST includes spell-checker-like capability with an IDE plug-in that alerts the developer to vulnerable phrases as they code. It also has a dashboard that pulls in IAST from Seeker for a unified view. Coverity covers 20 programming languages. Our research indicates that Coverity costs around $12k USD per year for 5 users.

  • Seeker for IAST employs an agent to test the application for vulnerabilities. It is used during functional testing so that security tests are done in the normal course of other testing. Seekers has an API to integrate with Dev IDEs. Seeker works with Java/all JVM languages. Seeker is only available on premise.

Comparison to GitLab

Although Synopsys can integrate with IDE’s and DevOps tools via the API, complete testing coverage requires multiple software licenses and a heavy integration and maintenance effort. GitLab Ultimate automatically includes a full suite of broad security scanning with every code commit. GitLab’s scan results are provided to the developer inline in their Merge Requests with no integration required.

GitLab security scanning includes not only SAST but also DAST, Container and Dependency scanning, License Compliance scanning, and Secrets detection. All of these are included in GitLab Ultimate and integrated directly into the developer’s workflow. Finding vulnerabilities is only the beginning. Delivering those findings to the developer for immediate remediation is key to shifting left to reduce both cost and risk.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  GitLab Synopsys
Strengths   •     Licensing and management is much simpler as it is all included in a single tool
  •     No special integration is required to surface vulnerabilities as part of development’s regular MR workflow
  •     Widespread recognition as a security testing leader by Gartner and across the industry
  •     Strong managed services offering for customers who are looking to outsource their security scanning
  •     Polaris Software Integrity Platform provides a single console to manage all of Synopsys’ testing products
  •     Good integration with IDEs and local developer environments
Weaknesses   •     GitLab is much newer to the security testing space and does not yet have the feature depth or market recognition held by Synopsys
  •     No managed services offering
  •     Poor visualization of vulnerabilities and limited fix recommendations
  •     Each kind of testing is a separate piece of software that must be licensed and integrated with the DevOps lifecycle separately
  •     Professional services engagements are pushed by sales and can be costly for customers

Feature Lineup

  GitLab Synopsys
DAST recently acquired a startup
SCA: Vulnerability Scanning
SCA: Open Source Audit
Fuzz Testing
Feature Comparison


极狐GitLab支持在 CI/CD 流水线中轻松地运行静态应用安全测试 (SAST),检查易受攻击的源代码或应用程序包含的库中的已知安全问题,并将结果显示在合并请求和流水线视图中。此特性作为 Auto DevOps 的一部分来提供缺省的安全。

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极狐GitLab 允许您在流水线中运行密钥检测,检查是否有包含未察觉的密钥和证书代码提交。检查结果将被展示在合并请求和流水线中。这一特性将作为 Auto DevOps 的一部分来提供默认安全策略。

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极狐GitLab 自动检测该应用所包含的库中已知的安全问题,从而保护您的应用在动态使用依赖项时免遭漏洞影响。检测结果会显示在合并请求和流水线视图中,此特性作为 Auto DevOps 一部分来提供缺省的安全性。

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在应用运行后,极狐GitLab 支持在 CI/CD 流水线中运行动态应用安全测试(DAST),通过扫描您的应用以确保诸如 XSS 或无效身份验证之类的威胁不会影响到它。检测结果会显示在合并请求和流水线视图中,此特性作为 Auto DevOps 一部分来提供缺省的安全性。

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Interactive Application Security Testing

IAST combines elements of static and dynamic application security testing methods to improve the overall quality of the results. IAST typically uses an agent to instrument the application to monitor library calls and more. GitLab does not yet offer this feature.


在为您的应用程序构建 Docker 镜像时,极狐GitLab 可以运行安全扫描以确保它没有任何已知的代码交付环境中的漏洞。结果随后显示在合并请求和流水线视图中。此功能作为 Auto DevOps 的一部分来提供缺省的安全策略。

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一直等待下一次 CI 流水线的运行来检查您的站点是否存在漏洞,或是重现以前发现的漏洞是不合理的。极狐GitLab 提供了按需动态应用安全测试(DAST)来扫描正在运行的应用,它可以独立于代码更改和合并请求执行。

Learn more about On-demand DAST

按需 DAST 扫描的站点配置文件

通过按需 DAST 扫描快速重用配置文件,而不是每次需要运行时重新配置。将不同的扫描配置文件与站点配置文件混合,以快速执行涵盖应用程序和 API 不同区域或不同深度的扫描。

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