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Decision Kit
Decision Kit


Sysdig provides solutions that help secure containerized workloads through their integration with the open source Falco project. They are capable of scanning containers for vulnerabilities and securing code in runtime through their intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.

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极狐GitLab 的漏洞管理旨在确保对资产和应用执行漏洞扫描,并且还包含记录、管理和减轻这些漏洞的过程。漏洞管理可帮助您识别资产和应用代码中有意义的漏洞集,您的整个团队都可以借此减轻、管理和采取行动,而不仅是依靠安全组织。它还为系统团队提供了一个统一的接口,用于管理 DevOps 安全步骤的结果,因此始终都只会有一个可信源和一个地方来管理安全结果。

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Cloud Native Network Firewall

Cloud native network firewall provides container-level network micro segmentation which isolates container network communications to limit the “blast radius” of compromise to a specific container or microservice. A container-aware virtual firewall identifies valid traffic flows between app components in your cluster and limits damage by preventing attackers from moving through your environment when they have already compromised one part of it.

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Container Host Monitoring and Blocking

“With Container Host Monitoring, you can monitor running containers for malicious or unusual activity. This includes process starts, file changes, or opened network ports. You can also block or prevent these activities from occurring.”

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“容器网络策略管理提供了一种在极狐GitLab UI 中创建、编辑、删除、查看和 管理网络策略的简便方式。”

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在为您的应用程序构建 Docker 镜像时,极狐GitLab 可以运行安全扫描以确保它没有任何已知的代码交付环境中的漏洞。结果随后显示在合并请求和流水线视图中。此功能作为 Auto DevOps 的一部分来提供缺省的安全策略。

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