Time Tracking

Estimate and record task time without leaving GitLab



  • Development teams often estimate and record the amount of time it takes to complete specific tasks in their software projects. This process usually happens in an external tool.
  • Time Tracking is built into GitLab so your team can easily estimate and record the time spent on issues and merge requests.

How it works

  • Using slash commands in an issue or merge request you can type the /estimate command and enter an estimate of how much time you think it should take to complete the work.
  • You can also type the /spend command to record the time you spent working on the problem. Every time you add a new spent command on an issue or merge request, GitLab adds it to the total time spent. This total is displayed in the sidebar.


  • Built-in time tracker: View and track estimates and time spent right within your issues and merge requests.
  • Slash commands: Textual shortcuts for common actions on issues or merge requests.
  • External users: For teams with contractors or other external contributors, you can add external users and control which projects they can see and access.


  • Time: Reduce the number of times you have to switch from one tool to another.
  • Intuitive: Simply type a slash command on your issue or merge request to estimate or record your time.
  • Collaborative: Maintain visibility across development teams and external contributors with one tool for code collaboration and time tracking.



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